Sunday, 23 March 2014

Santa Cruz Super light

An interesting job came into the workshop from a returning customer last week. He and his friend regularly go riding at weekends in all weathers and as a consequence their bikes need regular maintenance. The Santa Cruz super light needed a complete overhaul with new frame bearings, bottom bracket and headset. The rear shock needed an air can service and new bushes, a new rear brake was also required as the caliper I rebuilt last year finally breathed its last. So with the bike stripped down to its component parts the rebuild could begin.
Santa cruz SL broken down

old bearings removed 

new bearings being pressed into place

rear triangle re-fitted

rear shock ready for an air can service

in the vice

Air can removed exposing shock seals

Air can seals removed 

shock seals removed 

Old seals at the top with some new seals from the kit below.

shock rebuilt and ready to be refitted to the frame

Fox float shock refitted in the frame

fully serviced and re-built ready to go back to the customer.

Its very satisfying to see a bike come back to life once the bike shed can get its hands on to it.